Trafford’s budget promises could see the council fall further into debt

We have all seen the almost magical and delightful things the council will be doing as part of the 2019/20 budget.

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Before you start thinking this is the party that really cares, lets look at the mess the council is currently in.

Yesterday they are actually borrowing again, they claim £1m will be spent giving Trafford a make over, helping Turn Moss out with £375,000 and money hopefully spent in Partington who always seem to get left behind when any money is found or in this case borrowed.

So the council will after this budget and presuming they are to dump Amey will take the debt over £30m, although it is currently not known what the decision is regarding the Amey contract, it would be better to keep them and keep pushing for improvements although the popular decision would be to throw them out, we don’t want the council to be left with even more debt.

The green bin charge that the Tories slapped on to Trafford residents was dreadful, just another tax no one wanted or needed, so the new administration is to axe it in June, this is good, no question a vote winner! , however if the council is now even more in debt the charge really should have stayed since where else are they to get any money back?

Yes! you may have got the answer right, it will be through the council tax, this will without any doubts go up, the council will also be introducing new charges for parking, and other stealthy methods to claw back some of your hard-earned money.

They are not a charity, and will try all types of cynical methods to grab back the money.

We noted no mention of any borrowed money for road safety, the Washway Road Action Group founded by Sale resident Simon Burrows need only a road sign or two to get some enforcement so crazy drivers can act responsible again at the dangerous Washway Road/Drive/Langdale junction, and CCTV cameras at the pedestrian crossing where drivers completely forget what a red light is on a daily basis.

Between them over the years both Labour and the Tories have made a complete mess of not only our borough but everywhere in the UK, between both of them we are sinking like the Titanic, the general public will not change though, only ever voting for blue or red as if it was some kind of football vote! it is your choice of course, it would be impressive if for once people checked on what the party they are voting for have actually done for your ward and your borough before buying the rubbish in pre-election leaflets and social media campaigns.

We hope that the £375,000 does go to Turn Moss they deserve that even if it is borrowed money, the hard work that group has put in is truly inspirational.



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