Controversial block of flats in Old Trafford gets the nod by Trafford planners

A controversial housing block that will cast a huge shadow over Old Trafford has been approved by Trafford planners.

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The block of flats at Trafford Plaza on Seymour Grove will be up to 16 storeys high and will have 174 flats, car parking will be available as will be a secure cycle lock up.

Residents came to the council this evening to object to the gigantic multi million pound housing development that may not be for social housing, many complaints by residents all around Old Trafford have been submitted in the hope that planners will see sense and throw the plans in the bin.

Councillor Jarman supported the residents and mentioned that it would have been better had the housing developer made some amendments and brought the block down a few blocks which was a reasonable request that may have been supported by the community, sadly for all the objections planners decided to give it the nod and it will be only a matter of time before workmen are seen on the site.

Traffic will be a big problem in this area now the housing block from hell has been approved, we are surprised that Altrincham councillor Geraldine Coggings approved the development since the amount of pollution will rise way above what it is now, and she well knows it’s already of the scale.

Trafford Council have gone housing mad, it seems every shop and factory, or office blocks will become flats, we do need these flats and all will agree, the issues are that no one is building roads, without these roads on already very busy roads the congestion will only get worse.

One comment made at the planning meeting tonight was that Seymour Park head was not consulted by these amended plans, the high-rise block could become a privacy issue as it is so high people even on the middle floor will be able to see the entire school.

We do not agree about the complaints about sunlight, this is just not true, the sun is always in the south and turns to the west during the evening, the block is in the North Western corner and will not cause any light issues for anyone.





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