UK tells Shamima Begum you are not allowed to come back!

Shamima Begum departed the UK to join the terrorist group Islamic State in 2014 and now wants to return to the United Kingdom.

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Begum aged 19 left the UK in 2014 and was joined by her friends Amira and Samima the following year.

The 19-year-old gave up her passport and told her distraught father that she was not coming back to the UK once in Syria, since the Islamic State which she joined was defeated, she has now asked to be able to return to her East London home.

Begum did want to give birth to her child here in the UK, however today Feb 19th she was denied entry into the country by the UK government, however she has the right to an appeal.

Many people here in the UK on social media and in person have agreed that if she went over to join a terrorist organisation known as evil as ‘The Islamic State’ she should stay where she is despite her claims she is of no danger, a reminder that she also has married a terrorist! and now tells other media that she thinks the bombing of kids here in Manchester at a concert was justified! a sickening attack on all those involved on that dreadful night.

We expect she will appeal, this will be closely watched as whilst the cameras are away, she may slip back in to the country, although expect she will be questioned by police, many people will be watching closely with or without the cameras.


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