Police stretched to breaking point helps increase crime rates in Trafford

Police numbers are stretched to the limit, police stations have closed and people are becoming increasingly concerned for their safety inside and outside of the home.


Pic: Darren Marsden

The facts are criminals even gangs of kids are now out on the prowl, learning day by day and month by month that police no longer come out unless you’re a political councillor who cannot take any justified criticism!

What good is the 101 number when no one picks up the phone? and even then when you get a log number police will not come out, it all plays into the hands of all those people who want to cause criminality.

We have seen the Co-operative food stores in Sale being targeted by three guys, it’s always 3 guys so we and staff conclude it is the same people,yet at this time police have not even bothered trying to get hold of these guys causing misery for what is a much used and valuable convenience store.

It is not the police we blame, but the cuts this irresponsible flapping reckless and all time moronic Tory government has made, cutting police numbers is just insane, even unthinkable and we are now left with next to no protection.

Police are doing all they can and doing it well.

When Partington had a gang going around causing chaos at the weekend many moons ago, they attacked almost every home and if you was unlucky to be coming out of your house or flat at the time they were passing you would be targeted, high on drugs and probably drunk police came out and fairly fast, they saved people from further harm, further damage and protected property and its contents what was left! now who will come out?

Can you imagine that! a bunch of guys ripping up the place, you ring police and no one comes out! your family, your elderly mother or father all have no protection from those who act in such a foolish and idiotic way, this is incredibly scary for all if something crazy happens.

Whilst we still have some police left, we can only help them in detection, in getting neighbourhood groups set up, we know about the WhatsApp groups which have now come about, look after your part of town, do your bit, it is understandable and we agree that people pay for the police service and paying more this time, this is a fraction of what is needed as the government continue to squeeze funding.



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