Trafford Council needs use the pause button on approving new housing developments

Trafford are approving just about every housing development that has been proposed and it needs to pause everything.

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Trafford Plaza 

We know that Trafford is in need of new housing more so social housing, however in recent months the council has approved so many of these housing developments without first thinking about road infrastructure and pollution issues.

At this time, we know about Future Carrington and Heath Farm Lane in Parington, we know about proposals for a housing development on ‘Green belt’ land off Warburton Lane in Partington, very soon 28 new homes will be let out on Lock Lane in Partington, 59 new homes in Carrington facing the river, office block conversions are on the increase.

We know of a new conversion at Chester House on Cross Street in Sale, proposals to turn this into 28 new flats are underway and awaiting approval from the council.

The biggest disaster is Trafford Plaza on Seymour Grove, where just about everybody wanted it to be either changed or thrown out altogether, sadly the council decided to approve the new housing blocks which will see around 200 new flats being built.

Road infrastructure was never mentioned at the last meeting in the council, before any development is built you first have to check the roads, the shops and will local doctor surgeries be able to cope with another 1000 new people.

When building these new gigantic blocks of flats what will it mean for police? even now they are stretched, so do you see that Trafford in the next couple of years will see thousands more people in the borough, how are police going to deal with an increase in criminality? will emergency services cope?

Building new roads is essential to keep things moving, for a car to be sat in a huge traffic jam creates the biggest pollution, unless the crafty council comes up with a devious plan to fine people in traffic jams for keeping the car running,we can see pollution rates going much higher, and even now we read pollution in certain parts of Trafford is off the scale and dangerously so.

We ask the council to pause on new housing developments and think of what it will mean down the line, not at the present time and make sure all what we have said is taken care off, as of now nothing is and we are seriously heading for a disaster.

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