Amazon Prime jet has crashed shortly before it was due to land in the US

An Amazon Prime Air Boeing 767 operated by Atlas Air has crashed shortly before it was due to land in Houston Texas today Feb 23.

Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 9.17.44 PM

The aircraft with three people on board lost contact with air traffic control around 30 miles from the airport after it took off from Miami.

Police have reported they found the aircraft in Trinity Bay Texas and boats have been seen looking for the crew members, it is thought all 3 have died.

Air Taffic Control suggests heavy rain was causing problems in the Houston area.

The 767 was a passenger aircraft but was converted into a cargo aircraft, it had been flying for a couple of decades before it crashed.


The data shows the aircraft got to 40,000ft then dropped like a stone as it got closer to Houston airport, the speed had increased when radar contact was lost, the altitude was 1.325ft.

Radar shows the aircraft turning left which looks like the pilot tried to ditch in the water.

An investigation is currently underway and we will update this article when more is known.


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