Scary aircraft roll captured on video over Gibraltar

A British Airways aircraft that was travelling from London to Gibralter today Feb 25 had to divert to Malaga after it started to roll from side to side.

(Video from Twitter)

People on the ground captured the aircraft that was rocking from side to side, on one of the videos shown above within the aircraft, passengers sounded a little alarmed.

The aircraft an Airbus A320 suffered no damage and no one was hurt in the incident, the Captain decided to divert after an attempted landing during the morning failed after a go around.

Wind can cause many issues to an aircraft, the worst type is wind shear where an aircraft can crash easily, crew in the cockpit though now have early warning systems and air traffic control also helps with weather information to avoid any incidents.

Turbulence is something everyone has experienced on a flight, this though was something else.

A British Airways spokesperson said: “The captain decided after a go around to divert to Malaga as we wanted to make sure all our customers were safe, safety of passengers and crew is our number one priority.”



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