Aidan Williams 2017 by-election leaflet analysed

Those often used words “Politicians always lie” is true to some degree, trying to get your vote is a crucial thing for any standing politician, so they will try every trick in the book to win you over.

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We decided at random to keep a close eye on one Trafford Labour councillor from the Bucklow ward, Aidan Williams won a seat at the council after a few defeats previous although all was fairly close.

We kept his 2017 by-election leaflet, this leaflet helped win over many people in Partington which is the biggest area of the Bucklow St Martins ward, here is a list of what he said he would do:

  • Hold regular advice surgeries
  • Regular newsletters
  • Offer home visits
  • Respond to all calls and emails

In the election leaflet he said “I think being a councillor is about being available to help with any Query big or small, I will always do my best for any residents needing my help.”

His priorities were to stand up for children and young people! campaign for improved public transport, and holding the council and Amey to account.

Now with the research that has taken place over the years, which included many residents and Trafford workers we can say the following:

He has not held any advice sessions in Partington according to a Trafford worker, it was expected he would have done this at the library.

Aidan has not given out any newsletter so far as we know, having checked on a weekly basis no newsletter has been produced, it could be that he had no one to deliver the leaflets or his party could not afford the print run.

He has not done anything with public transport, never helped with the farcical situation with Local Link that because of our insistence that it was put right, Partington now has a full Local Link service again, we take full credit for this! however should Aidan or one of the others got this resolved?

We are not really sure how he could hold the council to account, and it is widely known Trafford Labour wants to get rid of Amey so this is a party thing not a ward thing, so no idea why Aidan added this to his leaflet.

From what we can gather he has done very little if anything for children and young people, he may have helped out with the Oak Road Park Group, we see kids still bored, some hang out in other areas of Partington with nothing to do.

We see no change in infrastructure although Cross Lane Park is to get a new roundabout!! we are also aware that Oak Road Park is to get a shelter, actually it would have been good to have a shelter built on Cross Lane Park as it  more widely used.

So has this man told a fib to everyone? or a few fibs? that is up to you to decide, he is back up for re-election in a few months time, will you be voting for him now? will you ever trust this man again now we have shown you the truth? where other have not.

This article is to represent the residents of Partington, Carrington and a tiny bit of Sale West and not to slate the councillor who we hear from others is a nice but seemingly shy individual.

We have also noted that he has been to many council meetings so is working as hard as anybody, but we further note he has yet to mention his ward.


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