Very high pollution levels set to hit Manchester

Warnings have been issued for Wednesday 27th as a large plume of toxic air circulates with our own toxic air around Manchester and the North West.

Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 9.04.49 PM

UK Pollution map: Defra

Those with asthma and other lung conditions are advised to stay indoors if possible or to bring your medication with you.

The bad air is from Europe and some from Africa as the winds continue to blow south which is why we are also having very warm weather.

On the UK image you will see different colours, the red indicates an 8 which is high, the pink areas around Hull is tops at a 10 and people even those fit will feel the difference.

Pollution is off the scale as it is here in Trafford, not a lot is being done about it and made even worse by political people who continue to approve housing developments without first thinking about road infrastructure and pollution levels.

One idea that was going around needs to be looked at and that is where possible build tunnels, this will help the air quality, and it can be done! for example Chester Road next to Stretford Mall could have gone underground using existing tunnels, leaving the top bit for pedestrians and cyclists.

We want all councillors and staff to cycle or take public transport to a meeting, this would prove they are serious about pollution and serious in tackling what is a national emergency.

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