Police warn kids about cycling dangerously going to and from school

Trafford police have issued warnings to school kids about the dangers of cycling dangerously going to and from school.


Residents have made complaints about school kids cycling on the pavements in different areas of Trafford, doing wheelies and one complaint was about a child cycling with headphones on!

The advice is not to be cycling on the pavements around school, never wear headphones and never ever do wheelies or go in and out of traffic which could confuse a motorist.

We also can offer some advice, always wear a helmet! they are cheap now and much more trendy looking.

Wearing headphones whilst cycling is insane! when you go out on your bike, you need to be able to hear everything, it is also true that if you are a bit tired and you are listening to music you could drift off, this could happen without you realising it.

Doing wheelies may seem cool to you! it might seem cool to your mates, let us tell you now it is bonkers! we saw a guy doing wheelies on Meadway in Sale recently, thinking he was cool…no lights or reflective clothing, coming up to a junction with another road and almost got hit! who was the cool one then? you see cars creep up on you so fast you would not believe it.

Always have lights on when its dark, wear reflective clothing if possible, even a jacket with some reflective prints on it can be of use, we recommend yellow clothing when cycling at night.

Older people or disabled people are vulnerable people, they do not have the lightning fast reactions you may have! so bare this in mind when cycling like a maniac on a pavement,

Whenever you get on your bike these days and it is sad to say, you are putting your life at risk since the standards of driving has got so bad, do not add to the dangers by acting insane or you could end up fighting for your life in a hospital.

The upset you will have caused your entire family and close responsible mates will be even more painful for you, tubes sticking out of your body, being fed the same way, legs in plaster, no use of your arms, even worse your skull could have been damaged since you thought it was alright not to wear a helmet!

Your life will never be the same, day in day out in hospital you tell yourself “Why did I do this” or “I should have not listen to the other lads” the warnings were there, maybe your parents did warn you, maybe they always warned you, but you did not listen and worse to come when you finally are released from hospital only to be told you will never walk again!

Do not be stupid, be clever wear a helmet and stay safe and think safe or you will end up in the hell you could have just created for yourself……do not chance it!!!


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