Two earthquakes and several tremors shake Gatwick Airport

Two small earthquakes and several tremors have hit the town of Newdigate in Surrey in the past few days.

Screenshot 2019-02-27 at 10.24.09 AM

The biggest was recorded as an earthquake at a magnitude of 3.1 which happened at 3.42am ths morning (Feb 27),

Previously the town had a 2.4 magnitude tremor and since the recent 3.1 magnitude quake have had a couple of minor tremors.

People from the area and around the locality felt the recent quakes one man from Newdigate saying it felt like a train had gone under his house.

Gatwick Airport was also affected with people within and outside of the airport feeling the recent quake, BGS (British Geological Survey) have issued an interesting intensity scale and the 3.1 quake today was on a 4 which is not very high.

The UK has many small earthquakes and tremors throughout the year, the biggest quake ever to hit the UK was a 6.1 although this was out in the North Sea it was widely felt in the East of the UK.


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