Cannabis resin found to have high levels of microbiological contamination

A study has confirmed that street cannabis has dangerously high levels of mycobacteria including fecal odor.

shallow focus photography of cannabis plant

The researchers sampled 90 bags of cannabis resin (two types acorn and ignot) and found foreign elements in 64.7% of the ingot shaped samples, and in 30.2% of the acorn-shaped samples.

93% of the acorn shaped samples contained E.coli compared to 29.4% of ingots, all samples of the acorn type left a fecal smell in addition 66.7% of the acorn type were contaminated with Aspergillus.

Aspergillus is an opportunistic mould responsible for a multitude of clinical diseases including allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, invasive disease in the immunocompromised (including tracheobronchitis, rhinosinusitis, cutaneous, gastrointestinal, and disseminated aspergillosis), allergic fungal sinusitis, and pulmonary aspergillomas.

Overall the study said 88.3% of all samples were not suitable for smoking or whatever else people do with the drug and claim illegal street vending of cannabis constitutes a public health issue.

Cannabis and all other forms like skunk is still classified as a banned drug here in the UK despite the obvious rise in use.

Some politicians are asking for the drug and indeed all drugs to be legalised as in some other countries it has shown to reduce crime significantly, buying from street vendors though comes with a huge risk to your health and maybe one day your life.

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