Mystery as blood trail spotted on School Road in Sale

We first got reports of a possible knifing on School Road in Sale yesterday evening, and that blood had been seen for around 20 yards towards Boots.

So we checked this out and did find a trail of what looked like blood, so took our pictures and did some video of the trail, we also asked GMP for information as to what went on, and they have come back to us saying “We have nothing in the logs for the location or the time given”

We are keeping an open mind on this one and need your help to unravel the mystery.

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So was this a stabbing that the victim decided not to ring for help?, or was this simply a nose bleed? and someone or maybe the person having the nose bleed stepped in and made the trail?, or maybe it was simply some type of paint splashed around.

Everyone here so far agrees this is a blood trail, so what do you think?

Did you see anything yesterday? in the early evening? was you in Betfred? any information please contact us.



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