Oak Road shopping facility given a make over and more goings on in Partington

Oak Road shopping centre which is a single storey building in Partington has been given a bit of a makeover.

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Oak Road shopping facility: Pic Darren Marsden

We understood this building was to be bulldozed making way for a brand new shopping area which would be part of a wider scheme to give the area some much-needed lift.

The paintwork is white grey and shocking pink! when was the last shopping building you went to that had them colours? one resident said “It looks more like a playschool centre than somewhere to shop”

We understand that the housing group have bought the land where the Redbrook Pub used to stand, this can only mean more flats, which means more mouths to feed, with Oak Road having only 1 chippy and 1 kebab shop with a small convenience store it will struggle to cope with demand in the ‘near’ future.

The paintwork covers  some of the cracks of a rundown building that has long  passed its sell-by date, although to some people it  will seem to look better, residents who use this area for shopping and having a chat with friends deserve better than this!

We urge whoever is in charge of this building to pull it down and start again, giving local people a ‘secure’ shopping facility that they will be proud of for many years and not have to worry about the increase in the population in the coming years.


The making of a new trail in Partington: Pic Darren Marsden

Meanwhile, we have seen some work on the Sinderland Brook with a new trail being created, we hope a couple of benches will be added, the location is off the trail that goes to Warburton Lane.

Another path has been created and now completed in Cross Lane Park, at a first glance we thought it was going to be for the entire length, it turns out to be a small loop, some people are disappointed, although not to take any shine of the Friends of Cross Lane Park’s efforts to make the park better.

We want them to shelve plans for the golf course and use the money on a shale running track which could be on that same land with a football pitch on it, get tough steel fencings like the one at Sale Harriers Crossford Bridge or the one at Trafford Athletic Club with a strong wall around it.

Partington will look a lot different in the coming years, lots of shop infrastructure is needed now! road infrastructure is needed now! and without question cycling infrastructure is needed right now! more people on bikes is what Partington should be calling for and because of the amount of space in the location, it could be the best in Europe if not the world, let’s do this!


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