New surface for the small football pitch and a Wellington Bomber plaque for Walton Park

Friends of Walton Park have sealed off the goal areas at each end of the small football pitch.


Both areas were badly worn out and needed some attention, it is a little bit weird why they would suddenly care about this bit of Walton Park, we asked if anyone had been hurt however we got blanked for a time before a workman said no.

Another spokesman for the park told us that it might be that they will have to move the pitch so to let the grass grow again on the treated goal areas.

With some pleasure, the conversation turned as to why it was Walton Park did not have anything showing people and visitors about the Wellington Bomber that crashed in the middle of the football pitch on that dark evening at 11.50pm on August 3, 1943.

Two very young crew members died that night, both on the way to Altrincham General, a 26-year-old made it but died on the operating table, and sadly the younger one aged just 20 died on his way to the hospital in the back of an ambulance.

The crew saved many lives that night and without question Walton Park needs a plaque to remember but also to honour the crew who managed to avoid crashing into the houses on Walton Park.

News4Trafford will start a fundraiser soon and more details will follow.


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