Partington is doomed as the Heath Farm Lane housing development is approved

We have been on this case from day one and sadly we have to report the Heath Farm Lane housing development in Partington has been approved.


Most councillors at the council approved the housing development including Aidan Williams, who let down each and every Partington resident, he even claims that having been to the consultations he found residents were more in favour of the housing development, we went to both and no councillor was seen, we also asked if they had seen any councillor and none was seen!

We did our research over many months and no one wanted this housing development built because of poor road and shop infrastructure, and of course dreadful medical facilities.

Incredibly the chair of the committee at Trafford said it would take 12-years for it to be built, this got silence and no wonder! he obviously knows nothing about how fast these homes are built these days!

The relief road that is mentioned is part of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework not part of Heath Farm Lane or HIMOR’s Future Carrington site, this will mean that road will not come about until 2040 at the earliest.

Councillors touched on the traffic issues, but failed to mention the 177 new homes that will be built at Future Carrington soon, 59 new homes to be built elsewhere in Carrington, the Warburton Lane housing development which may or may not be approved, the possibility of a new housing estate on a farm in the area which would add another 100 or so flats, a housing development on the former Partington Social Club, all these new housing developments and not one of those councillors including Aidan Williams said anything about them.

It means Partington will be swamped! the chaos will outweigh any benefits in the area, it is now too late, the housing developer will be on the phone as we speak to get working on the site which could be as soon as the weekend.

We agree that housing is needed in Trafford, it is vital though that roads are built and a good look at local shopping and medical facilities so that all these new people will not cause local existing Partington residents any issues, looking at the application and what was said tonight at the Planning committee we can see clearly nothing was done.

Pollution was not even mentioned, this will increase significantly in the area, with Manchester Road set to be a car park, including Flixton Road, Carrington Lane the impacts of the decision tonight to approve this application will be felt by each and everyone in Partington and in surrounding areas.

By the time this has all happened Partington councillor will be frying eggs in a cafe, one resident telling us “What does he care he will not be a councillor when all the shit hits the fan” very true words from a concerned resident.


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