People stranded abroad after Jet Airways suspends all international flights

The Indian airline ‘Jet Airways’ has suspended all international flights over the weekend leaving many people stranded.

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It is believed the airline is in serious debt and are trying to find a way to get some funding to be able to get the aircraft back in the air again.

Jet Airways fly to India and the far east, they also fly to London Heathrow and Manchester Airport.

Jet Airways first started flying from Manchester Airport in November last year.

The UK CAA tells people to contact the airline if you booked through them or your travel operator.

Jet Airways has 118 aircraft, with the Boeing 777-300 Extended Reach aircraft used for long haul flights, yesterday April 11th the airline had 155,934 aircraft in the air.

No information about the suspension was immediately available on the Jet Airways website, although when trying to book tickets from Manchester it would not work.

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