Fire fighters tackle a blaze at a paper mill in Partington

A paper mill on Manchester Road in Partington has had yet another fire a day after the area found out the bad news that the Heath Farm Lane housing development was approved.

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The fire started during the morning of April 12 and fire fighters came as fast as they could, up to 12 engines were needed, Greater Manchester Fire tweeted that 4 large stacks of paper were on fire and that fire fighters will be on the scene for the next few days.

This is not the first time the paper mill has been on fire, the worry this time though is about pollution from the fire, with clouds of pollution still dotted around the place this will not be good for people’s health.

With the wind coming from an easterly direction all the toxic air will have spread right over Partington and into Warburton and possibly as far as Lymm.

Although Greater Manchester Fire say the smoke is not toxic, we checked it out and burning paper does have some toxicity to it and may have some particulate matter more so around the site.

People were told to shut windows and doors at the time of the fire, all should be ok now for residents, despite this the fire is still not out and could rage again at any time.

The fire comes at a bad time for Partington after their own councillor put his hand up to approve Heath Farm Lane going behind the backs of many residents who did not want this housing development.

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