Experts detonate a device on Turn Moss in Stretford

Turn Moss was full of sand bags today as explosive experts destroyed a device believed to have been found in the Bridgewater Canal in Stretford.


Shell casing found: Image from Twitter

A local man had been metal detecting along the Bridgewater Canal  today April 14th when he found the device stuck to his magnet.

We have checked out what type of ammo this is and could only find one which was from WW1 and had 50 rounds within it.

Police were called and they then called on experts to deal with the device which we believe had 50 rounds inside the shell casing, had it gone off both the finder and his mate looking on would have been fighting for their lives or worse!

Once in the hands of experts everything was made safe and they blew up the device on Turn Moss using sand bags so to stop the shrapnel.

A local councillor confirmed on Twitter that a controlled explosion had taken place and their was nothing to worry about, and the sandbags seen by local people will now have been taken away.



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