Mobile phone signals are weakest in Partington and in some parts of Sale

We all need and love mobile phones and all generations have one as it’s become a very important part of our lives.

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Without a signal though we could not use these handsets, so we checked out the signals in different areas in Trafford on all the networks.

Many people are on a contract with a MVNO ( Mobile Virtual Network Operator) such as Giff Gaff, Virgin, Tesco Mobile and others who piggy back of one of the bigger networks, this signal is often weaker.

Here is what we have found:


  • EE is patchy in Partington, 4G is strongest in the area with 3G and 2G weaker inside buildings, most of the western part of the estate has poor coverage.
  • Vodafone is fairly good in the area although we see more patches of weaker signal meaning you can only use your phone outside, 2G seems to be problematic
  • O2 seems to be the strongest in Partington with good coverage just about everywhere with some patches.
  • Three has a variable signal, for the most part you will find the signal better on the eastern side of Partington around the shopping centre.

Signal loss is something that can happen for a variety of reasons such as trees, a dip in where you live even the materials your home is made from could affect the signal.

In many cases it is more likely your sim card or handset is to blame, clean the sim card just by wiping it, put it into another handset that is working well, if the signal is still bad then it is your sim! if it works in the other handset but not yours having checked again and it’s still bad, then it is your handset.

In the near future mobile signals in this area will need to be increased significantly due to the amount of people within and around it, this has never been mentioned until now! the humble mobile, something forgotten but something that we need to keep in touch with our loved ones, our friends and work, no signal and you will all struggle.

Emergency services often have to use a normal mobile phone when there secure networks are down, if the mobile networks do not invest and that is likely, all the masts for this area will be congested and for a big part of the day!

In other parts of Trafford we found the closer you lived to Manchester City Centre your signals inside and out were the best, Old Trafford won out with signals, even on Three you have a great signal.

Sale suffered bad with a range of signals, the further you are towards Sale West and around the Eastway area mobile phone signals were patchy inside, in some buildings you could get a 4G signal on EE on one side, but on the other the signal dropped!

All networks were strong outside in Sale, this included Stretford, Urmston, and Altrincham.

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