Suicidal man safe as police help him down from a rail bridge in Altrincham

Police closed off Manchester Road in Altrincham at around 7.30am today after they got reports that a man was seen threatening to jump of the abandoned rail bridge.

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Specialist officers were called and helped the man down from the bridge.

It is expected officers have now hand him over to people who will look after him and make sure he is alright.

Manchester Road has now re opened after a short time closed.

Previously we saw workmen doing some work on a fence on the same bridge which is just past South Trafford College, we noticed how easily it was for people to get on the bridge (see enclosed pictures) the fencing needs to be replaced with immediate effect.

One top Sale doctor told us that suicide is very high in Trafford and not much in the way of prevention was offered, often the real figures locked away for no one to see.

The reality is funding for mental health services has fallen like everything in our country, the government lie about austerity ending, it has not ended!

We do not know why this man went as far as he did, we are just grateful that he is now in safe hands and praise police and others for potentially saving this mans life.

If you need expert and fully confidential help right now get in touch with the following people:

Samaritans: ring FREE!  116 123 anytime of day or night or email them jo@samaritans.org

Saneline: 0300 304 7000 for free anytime day or night for people who have some mental health issues.

The Sanctuary a great and confidential service for all of Manchester click HERE

You can always talk to your GP, they deal with all types of issues, you can also visit the crisis team at Trafford General Hospital.


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