Trafford FC win the Integro League Cup

On one of the best nights in its history ‘Trafford FC’ won the Integro League Cup against high-flying Farsley Celtic.

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Farsley Celtic are the league leaders, so Trafford Manager Tom Baker had to get his side right and everything worked as planned, the team responded and the 5-4-1 formation was perfect.

The first half though belonged to Farsley when the team hit the bar and had a long-range shot tipped away by Trafford’s goalkeeper.

Trafford though was the first team to score when Ross Davidson hit the back of the net on the 35th minute.

The away team kept the 1-0 lead going in at half time.

Farsley though came out more focused, that winning way that got them to the top of the league helped as soon after the second half started they scored after a poor clearance by Trafford’s defence.

The score now was 1-1 both teams going for it, this was an incredible game to watch, end to end stuff, Trafford though was having none of it, every player doing everything they could to get the winning goal when glory came and Trafford’s Darius Palma got that important and classy goal to make it 2-1.

It was approaching the end of the game, Trafford was fighting hard to keep the lead, the defence and the keeper working hard together and the moment came when the ref blew the whistle and all that hard work paid off, Trafford was now a cup winning side.

What a proud moment for Trafford FC and the many fans they have.


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