As the heat wave continues official advice is given to help protect yourself

The heat wave is set to continue through Easter and into the middle part of next week and all the warnings are currently in force to protect yourself.

seaport during daytime

Photo by Pok Rie on Pexels.com

If you have hayfever the pollen count will rise and action will be needed, take yor medications early in the morning, wear wrap around specs and some suggest having a tiny bit of vaseline around the nose will stop unwanted pollen going up the nose.

If you are indoors keep the house cool, using fans or cooling towers, shut windows so pollen cannot come in, if you have to go outside, try to stay away from parks and woodland and when you come back put your clothes in the washing machine and have a shower.

With the sun becoming more warm, with today reaching 80F you will need some suncream if going out, a factor 50 is needed in heat over 80F, keep hydrated at all times and where possible go in the shade.

Older people and children will need more fluids in hot weather and babies need to be out of the sun.

For the majority of us the arrival of summer is something we can all enjoy, getting out and about, doing the garden or just chilling out in the back garden listening to some music and drinking cold refreshments.

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