Be wary of what reviews you read on Amazon as many are fake

Amazon is one of the most famous and trusted of all online retailers, offering everything you need.


Often when buying a product we read the reviews, this makes perfect sense, if you was buying a jacket you want to know how waterproof it is, or what the sizing is like, if you are buying a fragrance, you would check to see what others thought.

Reading reviews does have some influence in what we buy online, and sadly many reviews are as fake as the product you was just about to buy! more so with fragrances.

Buying online is really trial and error, what we suggest you do is going to the official retailer, so for example if you want a Berghaus jacket, go to Berghaus and read reviews on the website, look at the size charts as that will be official, then if happy go back to Amazon and buy your jacket which in some cases will be much cheaper.

How do you stop a fake review? well you can leave comments yourself on Amazon telling them the truth about the product and others are not telling the truth.

Often it could also be the vendor making up fake reviews so to get more people buying it, this has happened on Just Eat although not very often.

Do your own research into a product before pressing the ‘Buy me’ button or you could be the next victim.

Fortunately and gladly Amazon has a super returns system in place so send it back and get down to your local shops who really need your money.

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