Loose Change Buskers band played in Sale and raised £600 for a cancer charity

The Loose Change Buskers band played a gig at Sale Square Shopping Centre on Saturday raising money for a well-known cancer charity.

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Saturday (April 20) was the perfect day for the band to play with the sun shining and blue sky’s and the music was played to perfection with many people watching requesting they come back more often.

It was a very warm day in Sale, and it brought out lots of happy shoppers, owners of one shop told us he liked the music and was a real treat for shoppers whilst raising vital money for cancer research.

A spokesperson for the band said: “We had a great day in Sale square the security and management team were extremely supportive with enabling us access to get our equipment to the square and really looked after us.

“The shops liked us being there with many turning their music off and opening their doors to hear us.. For us it was great to be out playing and collecting in the sunshine for once”

“We raised over £600 the public were very generous and very interested in our work for Cancer research UK they really appreciated us being there.

“We have now raised almost £520,000 and are in our 9th year of fundraising.

“Every penny we collect goes directly to Cancer Research UK.

You can donate to the charity directly by clicking https://www.cancerresearchuk.org/get-involved/donate


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