Wildlife on Heath Farm Lane is a special thing that we all have to protect

Wildlife on Heath Farm Lane in Partington could be lost forever once the new dual housing development gets underway.

News4Trafford went down to the site today to check if work had started, we got a wildlife show like no other, two lapwings were present and other bird species appeared,  we even saw some frogs jumping around on the site.

Other species live on and around Heath Farm Lane.

As it stands right now, no work has been carried out on the site that we know about, the first thing that the developer needs to do is remove all the toxic stuff that is on and below the surface.

Moving on the wildlife to accommodate the housing development cannot be accepted this is their home, all species live on and around Heath Farm Lane and they all must be protected.

Add to this, Partington also needs to be protected, councillors forgetting about the following:

  • Warburton Lane hybrid housing development
  • Housing development on land where Partington Social Club used to be
  • Peel Lock Lane  this still could be built, at this time we have no information
  • A housing development could be built where the Greyhound once stood we have heard Mary Davy has sold or is considering selling this land, I think many people would be happy with this
  • Peel – Central Road small housing development was given the approved status, however nothing has happened and we are trying hard to find out what has gone wrong.
  • Your Housing Group – suggestion is they have bought up land where the Redbrook Pub once stood, and the land next to it, and its thought that the housing group are to get a developer to build new social housing.

If all gets the nod, what the councillors said at the planning meeting makes no sense! they are thinking ‘as is’ and not what will happen in the near future.

As for the lapwing, well just enjoy the video, although short you can see how important wildlife is to us all and for generations to come.


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