A Facebook clean up group finds plastic bottles and many drug needles on a river bank in Sale

A Facebook group that was set up by a Sale man to clean up plastic bottles around the River Mersey found more than they was expecting.

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Peter Miners set up the ‘Counting Outdoor Manchester Bottles’ Facebook page to gather like-minded people who care about the environment to help clean up plastic waste and anything else that has been thrown away.

News4Trafford was already aware and have reported huge fly tips on Banky Lane in the past but had no idea of how bad things were further on, Peter and some members of the group have found many drug needles hanging around some in boxes and some just hanging around.

On April 21st they filled up two bin bags full of plastic bottles and in total they have filled 22 and a half bags full of plastic and other things that were hanging around.

We asked Peter if he had contacted the local ‘Bucklow st Martins’ councillors and told us Aidan Williams is to come out soon on a litter pick, we will hold him to that!

Finding as many sharps as the group did is incredibly scary, drug users must show some respect and discard needles in a more responsible way.

When you see sharps or drug needles we advise you not to be touching them but to report it to One Trafford as soon as you possibly can and let them deal with it as they have the proper safety equipment.

Walton park in Sale and around The Bridgewater Canal recently had an issue with drug needles that was found, this was quickly sorted out by One Trafford, although drug use is still a big problem in the park more so during early evening.

If you would like to be a member of the group just search Counting Outdoor Mancheter Bottles.



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