Farm in Partington to be bulldozed to make way for another housing development

A farm in Partington will be bulldozed soon as Trafford Council make a compulsory purchase order so flats and houses can be built.

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Broad Oak Farm: Image google maps

The owner tells us that they have to find somewhere to live after getting the shocking news that they will have to give up where they live and the farm.

We now have news that houses will be built on that site and for around a mile south and west, this does not include the Warburton Lane housing development which should be going to planning soon.

We asked about what the Partington councillors have done, and was told clearly “They did not want to know” this adds weight to what we have been saying for a long time about people not being represented.

The words “We have no voice” rings loud, this is completely accurate, the devastation all these new houses will cause to Partington and surrounding areas will become a reality in the near future.

For the people on the farm this moment must feel as insecure as they have ever felt, not having anyone to turn to for help and for Partington who go on day by day as if everything is normal, yet the reality is nothing will be normal in the months and years ahead.

It would not surprise us if more green spaces vanish in the coming few years or so with dithering politicians approving just about everything without thought, as could be seen at the last planning meeting.

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