United slip up at Everton & more excuses from management and players

Manchester United are back in the slip zone after a shocking 4-0 loss at Everton at the weekend.


Ole thumbs up: Pic by Darren Marsden

Manager Ole Gunnar Solkajear after the game said: “We have to appologise to the fans because they were absalutly fantastic and hat performance is not good enough from a Man United team Both from all the way from me to the players and we know that we let the fans and the club down because that performance is difficult to describe because it was so bad”

The performance was one of the worst we have seen from United, not one of them players turned up against Everton, who we have to say played very well.

United was that bad the only shot on target the entire game was a weak effort by Martial on the 85th minute.

Players came out to apologise for the performance, however his made them look even worse, they would have been better to have saved the energy for one of the biggest games of the season  this Wednesday against neighbours Manchester City at Old Trafford.

De Gea one of the worlds best goalkeepers if not thee best played like he was having a kick about in the park, defence all over the show, no one marking, heads were all down, errors all over the place and big named players like Paul Pogba probably already making plans for his departure.

Even Marcus Rashford couldn’t be bothered, so what has gone wrong? lets take a trip back in time to when United hired Solskaejar from Mold, United won almost every game, the players were back to what we expect and the fans all delighted with the Fergie style of attacking football, he then signs a 3-year deal as proper manager and suddenly the players go from playing great to playing like a Sunday league team.

Confidence is lower than even when Mourinho was manager, something has gone wrong in the dressing room, have the players now lost confidence in Solskajaer? already? is the training to hard or maybe not good enough, are the players upset with other members of the management team and in some ways down tools in some kind of protest?

It is hard to say what has gone wrong, everything we and others have said is just speculation, we can say for sure though something has gone wrong for them players to perform so badly since the manager was given a new contract.

These players are killing off managers! how many more managers will United have under this shower! Solskajaer is the ideal man in charge and has the benefit of the full support of the fans, he will need to sell some of these players in the summer, or even he will be in line for the chop.

No excuses can be made for such a bad run of form not just from one or two players but from the entire team, they are a disgrace to the badge, no one is bigger than the club, and players and staff need to remember who pays their wages!

The fans though through have been brilliant and in full song in every game, a guaranteed full house for every home game and they deserve better than what we have witnessed in recent weeks.

United can come back from this by collectively deciding to work as a team and play like they once did before Ole got the manager’s job on a permanent basis, it could be though United will do City a favour as if the high-flying blues win this game they would win the Premier League if they won the remaining games no matter if Liverpool won all there games.

This match is crucial to both teams, will United turn up? we shall wait and see.

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