Debenhams in Altrincham to close after Christmas


Debenhams in Altrincham to close after Christmas

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The retailer has said that all 22 stores will be open until after Christmas this year, other store closures will be announced later this year.

Thousands of jobs will go, although it has been said that some people working for Debenhams are getting jobs elsewhere in the business.

The idea behind all this is to save the company by reducing its stores, and the stores that had the highest rents faced the chop.

Altrincham was right at the top of the list of the first 22 out of 50 stores to be closed down.

In the past and on social media we read many people including owners complain about rent issues in Altrincham,although we have no information on exactly how much the Debenhams store cost to rent out, it looks to have been too much for owner Mike Ashley to pay out.

Altrincham will bounce back from this and expect another big name to move in once Debnhams has closed.

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