Police clean up a park in Partington with more good things planned

Two community bobbys helped clear a path on a park in Partington and more work is to be done soon.

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Oak Road Park in Partington was once a rundown bit of green space with a drab playground with rusting swings, a group of people decided enough was enough and formed a Friends of Oak Road Park group on Facebook.

The group got many people interested and involved, first was a huge tidy up, it took a while to remove all the rubbish, with bags upon bags being filled, until one day the park looked cleaner than ever, a new park was born.

A rfurbished playground was next on the list, this has long been completed.

The plan is now for the park to have a shelter although we are not sure exactly where it will be built.

Whilst we told you sometime back that the local councillor will do everything for her side of Partington and leave the rest to someone else is looking more and more true, it still good that Oak Road Park is having this facelift.

We hope also that Coroners Wood will be next for an upgrade, this place  includes ancient plant life, a path should be created with some information dotted around it telling the story of why it is called Coroners Wood, making it then a place where children can go and learn about historical plants and other things about Partington.

The area is rich in history and poliical people and others who care about the area should make this a key attraction, to show of the glorious past the area had, and then to show its magical future…if some roads can be built!

Well done to the officers for helping out which we are sure the entire community will be impressed with.

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