Saharan dust clouds over Europe causing big problems with pollution levels will arrive over the UK soon

The UK has some of the worst pollution issues in Europe, in the next day or so a huge amount of Saharan dust clouds will be over us.

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Nullschool live: 12.30pm on April 26

The dust is causing problems for people in Europe at this time although it has not yet got to France.

As the dust contains small particles known as PM2.5 that cannot be seen whilst in the air it will mingle with the particles from vehicle pollution that we breathe in on a daily basis making the air even more toxic.

Pollution here in Trafford is off the scale and little is ever done to control it.

When the dust does arrive over the weekend people with breathing issues will need to bring with them their medication, even people who are fit will find the air a bit heavier than normal and should stop their activities if they get out of breath

We will bring you the latest information on when the dust is over the UK.

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