Man tasered after police find him brandashing a huge machete on a street in Northern Moor

Police were called out last night (April 29) after they got reports of a man brandishing a huge machete in Northern Moor.


Machete now in safe hands: image GMP Wythenshawe

It is currently unkown why this individual had this huge weapon on him roaming the streets of Northern Moor or how he got it! however police followed protocol gave the man the chance to drop the weapon or he would be tasered, the man did not respond and the taser was used.

The machete was removed and the male was arrested.

Fortunately police confirm that no one was injured, and yet another dangerous weapon removed from the streets of Manchester.

Residents from Trafford took to social media to show how shocked they are, The M33 Community and Crime group praised police for what they done, some were more shocked with Vicky Purcell saying “Jesus this is getting worse by the minute”

Another member of the group David Thompson-Jones said: “A massive well done to the GMP for getting this weapon and the dickhead who had it off the streets.”


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