Here’s wishing all candidates in Trafford all the best in the local elections 2019

Tomorrow is the big day for all of those who are standing in the 2019 local elections, all the work, the miles walked, the leaflets delivered, the talking and the convincing is now done.

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Polling station in Sale: Pic Darren Marsden

I went on a leaflet drop for a candidate and saw how much work goes into getting your vote, these candidates walk miles and miles often in rain even storms! the people who help them also deserve a mention.

Talking to you at your door, getting the message accross the best they can, listening to concerns, fixing problems candidates do whatever they can to get your vote.

And now the work is done, it is now a mind game for the candidates, a wishing game on where many will be crossing fingers and hopeful that they will win the day.

It is an incredibly exciting time for candidates, once 10pm comes and polls close, candidates will be drinking lots of coffee for a long night ahead of them.

The time has come,the interviews, the photos taken, all the talk now turns to the count, your standing with other candidates, unless you have a leaked report showing who has won, the excitement may have turned to a winning feeling or one where your head lowers.

We wish all candidates all the best tomorrow May 2nd.


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