Warnings sent out as several school kids approached whilst going to and from schools in Trafford

A warning has been given to parents by a catholic College in Urmston after several pupils around Trafford have been approached by adults in cars.

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In one incident which happened today May 7th on the Mile Road (Flixton Road) nearer to Carrington Lane/Manchester Road end a male pupil was walking to school when a woman in a black car started beeping at him and even shouting to get his attention, she then went up beside him and offered him a lift.

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On another occasion in Sale three pupils were walking home when a red van parked up outside a MCcolls store on Old Hall Lane, two men asked one of the boys if he could help him read the text on his mobile, this incident has been reported to police.

Incidents like this happen a fair bit in Trafford, fortunately and so far! no one that we are aware about has come to any harm.

Keep your kids safe by not having them walk to school or from school alone, make sure they have a phone with them and have enough credit to use it and more importantly to keep away from the kerb and never approach cars or vans but to run away to get help or to call someone as fast as possible if safe to do so.




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