Work starts on the Heath Farm Lane housing development in Partington

Work has now commenced on the Heath Farm Lane housing development in Partington.

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At this time some digging has started and a clear up is underway, some pegs can be seen stuck in the toxic ground.

Looking around the site we saw several bird species and a lot of fly tipping! we have since reported the fly tipping to One Trafford.

Once work has been done to decontaminate the ground, workmen will flatten everything, we can see in some areas on the huge site are lots of uneven surfaces.

Work will then start on the homes after dealing with utilities, we have seen buildings go up very fast in other areas, expect some of these properties to be done by this time next year.

Within 2-years most of it will be done at Heath Farm Lane, by that time we will know if the Warburton Lane and Chapel Lane housing developments will be built.

Your Housing Group has bought the land where Redbrook pub used to be, so expect more houses or maybe flats to be built on Oak Road adding more people to the area, we cannot give a time frame as to when any properties will be built.

With a friends group going to rival media telling stories about how they want to protect Carrington Moss they are not thinking proper, having any roads which is what they want! will cause severe traffic congestion all around Carrington and Partington with knock on effects for Flixton and even Sale!

New Roads need to be built and this will not happen until after 2040 although a smaller relief road is to be part of Future Carrington, this will start at the A1 road out towards Carrington Lane and would cause some issues for the green belt.

We have been on this from day 1 and will continue to update everyone of what is happening at Heath Farm Lane.



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