City win the league and United fade away with much work to do for next season

On the last day of the season all eyes were on two games, Liverpool v Wolves and Brighton v Man City.

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Manchester City keeper Ederson

It was in the hands of Manchester City who could either lose the title or win it, the team started badly conceeding early on, fans worries only lasted around a minute when City hit back making it 1-1 with Aguero hitting the back of the net.

Liverpool also scored with Mane making it 1-0, City fans were now praying for a goal and the prayers was answered when City scored again making it 2-1, that was not the end of the scoring as City scored two more times during the second half.

Liverpool could not win the title even if they won, messages must have been passed to the players or it could have been the ‘home fans silence’ that helped the players heads drop, they scored again though in the second half as Wolves did try hard to get a goal, Mane scored again giving Liverpool a 2-0 lead.

The final whistle came around and it was Manchester City who were the winners just by 1 point, city’s goal difference was also superior, the City players were dancing around, jumping about with delight because after a long season they had won the title.

Whilst City won, United lost at home 0-2 to Cardiff, this was a real bad day for United and the fans, the last day of the season, after what has been a rollercoaster ride of a season for the mighty red army, the fans expected a good send off, sadly that did not happen.

Much to do for Ole in the transfer window, and many players will leave United, it would be for the chairman to make sure Ole has the funds available to get whoever he wants, whilst getting rid of the players that have failed United and upset many of the fans.

This day though belongs to Manchester City and the team are flying back to Manchester to celebrate with the fans at the Etihad at around 9pm tonight.

Well done to them and congratulations to the blue half of Manchester.


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