Partington residents tell us what they really want in Cross Lane Park

A survey we conducted found out what Partington residents really want to see or built in Cross Lane Park.


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Trees and shrubs destroyed: Image Darren Marsden

Here is what the results ‘so far’ tells us:

  • 47.6% wanted a running track and 33% said maybe only 10% said no
  • 85% said they wanted to see a concert style event once every summer with 14% saying no

We asked people what would they like to see built in the park:

  • More play equipment for under 5s
  • Kids pit
  • More for toddlers
  • Disabled equipment (we agree)
  • Better gates at the car park end
  • Solution to the flooding in the park (we are on to this!)
  • Having a community garden in the park
  • A pathway around th perimeter of the park for push chairs and buggies (agreed)
  • Better park equipment
  • Minature village like the one at Southport

We conducted this survey because we wanted to show the park group what people really wanted for the park, and to show others that by conducting surveys is the best way to know what people really want and not what ‘You’ or your group wants! which has always been the way in Partington.

Spending thousands of pounds on utter rubbish can no longer be an excuse, all money given or found must be used in the right way since we all know money is scarce these days.

We are looking at all responses and will feed back to the people who can help get the wanted changes that people want to see.

The majority of people wanted more for toddlers and for disabled people.

Cross Lane Park has had some things done to it in recent times, a path made from wood chippings which we thought at first was going to be a path to the back end of the park which would have been widely used by dog walkers, sadly that is not the case as it coms back onto itself in a small circle.

We have asked many people online and in person and all said “no one knew anything about these plans to cut down the shrubs and trees!” again we see the majority of residents not having any say in the matter, this needs to change!

In time things will get better as the park groups consult ‘Everyone’ not just a few members and pals thus helping the good feeling factor which comes about because the people have been listened to and the input from them they can be see taking place.


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