Police target off road bikers in Trafford

Greater Manchester Police have caught out many off road bikers over the weekend in Partington.

This action by police is in response to an increase in moped related crime and anti social behaviour.

Although off road and moped crime goes on all over Trafford, police have caught many of the bikers in the Partingon area.

Officers attended the area  around Common Lane and seized 6-off road bikes under S165 of the Road Traffic act.

Police believe the same group caught out are responsible for riding through parts of Cheshire, Carrington & Partington wearing no helmets and balaclavas.

One bike taken by police today was used in the Sale area and the rider escaped on it.

The operation named #OpAnchor will continue in the Partington/Carrington and Flixton and Urmston areas for the foressable future.

If you have any information that can assist us please contact your local Neighbourhood officers or ring 101, you can also use the chat facility on the website and 999 in an emergency.


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