Hollywood legend Doris Day has died aged 97

The singer and actress Doris Day has sadly passed away aged 97.

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Her original name was Doris Mary Ann Kappelhof and was born on April 3rd 1922 in Ohio US.

She grew up with 2 brothers with mum and dad, it is claimed all her grandparents were German immigrants.

Her singing career came about by accident, often singing to songs on the radio, Day discovered that she had a talent unkown to her.

She had singing lessons and turned professional after which she released her first song in 1945 called ‘Sentimental journey’

Day toured America and whilst doing so turned to acting and this is where her movie career took off, she impressed people so much that in 1948 she starred in her first movie ‘Romance on the high seas’

In 1950 she was voted by US serviceman as their favourite star.

Doris Day helped Warner break all box office records for 20-years! with the film I’ll see you in my dreams in 1951.

Day made some more musical dramas when she got more dramatic roles in the 60’s.

The death of her husband Martin Meicher in 1968 kind of took the shine of her career, she starred in TV episodes it is claimed she did not have any say over, whilst all this was going on Day was finding things tough.

Doris was also an animal activist and took in stray pets and looked after them, in 1978 the ‘Doris Day Animal Foundation was formed to compliment the foundation she added another one called ‘Doris Day Animal League’

A facility in Texas US was opened in 2011 called Doris Day Horse Rescue and Abdoption centre.

Doris Day sadly passed away on May 13th 2019.

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