Partington Social Club renamed Secrets and we have exclusive pictures of the film set

Filming will soon take place at Partington Social Club now called ‘Secrets’ and we have exclusive pictures of the set of the 6 part drama ‘Traces’.


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Soon as you get to the door the smell of fire hits you hard, once inside no fire damage could be seen, and we noticed a trophy perched in front of us on a radiator which was probably a prop.

Turning right a huge room full of different props could be seen and further left was the set, surrounded by a wooden partition.

On the other side of this partition was the film set which was incredibly small, a hallway was created and next to it was what was left of the fire, it looked like it had not been touched! maybe to create the realism of a fire.

We noted a picture was on a wall that was not damaged so guessing this is another prop.

The filming inside will start at around 7pm on Friday, and outside of the club on Monday again between 7pm and 1am.


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