Glastonbury gives the thumbs up to 5G

With 5G due to be tested on the public at sports stadiums and concerts we asked them all about how dangerous 5G is.


We heard that EE are to have a few of 5G cells dotted around the site at Glastonbury and decided to contact them.

They told us they take the safety of everyone very seriously and gave us what EE had already given us which did not say anything about 5G.

Over on Twitter we can see many messages claiming 5G is unsafe, we have also read other articles saying the same thing.

To this date no one could give us anything on test results from a 5G mast! with 4G and others they could give us lots of information, this is causing concerns that they are testing it out on the public.

With so much money flying around from the installation of 5G it would be very difficult for football clubs, concert events and transport hubs to refuse, maybe hoping the information from the networks that “All is ok”.

A spokesperson for Glastonbury said: “If you have read or heard anything about high frequency ‘mmWave’ spectrum and research into this from the US, please be assured that this isn’t the technology that EE will be using at Glastonbury (or anywhere in the UK) when they launch 5G.

“The network they are installing this year (which includes 5G in a few areas of the site) meets all of the same safety requirements as the 2G, 3G and 4G network which they’ve used previously, and the things that have been written about ‘weaponised frequencies’ and needing a mobile site for every 20 houses aren’t true, and they have nothing to do with the technology that will be used at Glastonbury.”

An interesting statement claiming US 5G is different to the 5G in the UK  weird how EE have not responded!

The 5G debate coninues onwards and we are the place for the latest information on 5G.


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