The Jeremy Kyle show is axed by ITV

The Jeremy Kyle Show has been axed by ITV after the death of a participant.

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We understand that the guest had failed a lie detctor test and committed suicide after the programme was produced.

One member of the audience is claiming Steve Dymond was seen sobbing in the epissode that will never be shown.

ITV came under serious pressure to axe the show  following the death of Steve Dymond which had been running for over a decade from all walks of life from MPs to members of the public.

The show was incredibly popular, however on many occasions fights broke out, and lots of upset people who paricipated on the show after being confronted about whatever they had done, it broke up relationships and freindships.

ITV have said that Jeremy Kyle will continue to work for them on other projects.

More needs to be done with aftercare on reality TV programmes after a couple of people from another programme commited suicide.


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