Neighbours from hell are named by victims as the ‘hidden urban terrorist’

Neighbour nuisance is on the increase in all parts of the UK it is called by the many victims as ‘The hidden urban terrorist’.


Gilmour House Partington: Image Darren Marsden

Housing Associations and other landlords have a duty to protect people from such problems like a bad neighbour.

We investigated one housing provider ‘Your Housing Group’ who we get the most complaints about.

The tenancy agreement is a contract between you and the housing group, like any other contract both you and whoever it is has to comply with the rules.

Officials from Your Housing Group either do not understand this document, have only glanced at it or do not believe it is a legal document.

Bad neighbours can seriously damage the lives of the victims they choose who may only want a bit of quiet, no one stalking them and does not want to smell drugs or even them knocking on walls all ends of the day and night or invading their privacy.

Some of these bad neighbours will not comply with anything, yet as so often happens when someone from the housing goes around and asks them what is going on, they act daft and act all innocent, which is expected.

Sadly housing staff are not professional enough to see the lies and often accept what has been said.

Often mediation does not work either, if your neighbour is a complete idiot with the only intentions is to piss you off for their own enjoyment then they will always be this way no matter what you throw at them.

The only option is to leave, you ask why should I do this when you have done no wrong, this is understandable, sadly and more so with Your Housing Group they prefer to look after the bad guy.

It would be best for you to move out, that though is very hard here in Trafford, in the next couple of years though it could get much easier to move as new housing developments are built.

If you are in a bad way with your neighbour, all talking has broken down and he or she is causing you hell, you can do a number of things and they all work!

Buy noise-cancelling headphones, an extension lead from the TV to your headphones, this cuts out all types of irritating noises and the bonus of having a nice sound
Buy a sound system for your TV with a large high powered subwoofer, this will help only in the living room, it could also play into there hands if the housing group protects them, the bad neighbour may complain.
If you have a garden and they will not cut it on your side, get your own cutters they are cheap now, remember to throw back the cuttings.
If you have a neighbour who knows where you are in your own property it is likely they have spy holes, this is going to be difficult to see, cameras are unlikely but sound bugs are common, you can find them with a detector, however even if you do find something you cannot do anything, housing will only go around and ask them about it, again they will deny everything, even go further and question your sanity!
Get yourself a CCTV system linked to a hard drive, make sure it has sound on it, some of these CCTV systems do not and this is bad, some bad neighbours know you are filming them and will go quiet.

Position them around your flat or house in areas where they mess around most, this evidence can be crucial.

Write a diary of everything they do that has upset you, date it and time it, this again is crucial if down the line you need it.

Bad neighbours are urban terrorists, hidden from view but cause so much distress to the victim.

One of our reporters told us that living in Partington back in the days when the estate had weekend riots, he told us, one elderly woman, he saw almost every day waiting for a bus on Tulip Road kept telling him about her neighbour on Northumberland Road.

She told him that her neighbour kept throwing newspapers in her garden and other anti-social things, it upset her, she was scared and had no one to help her.

The woman was tearful, saying the housing association would not help her, no matter how many times she told them.

After a couple of months of seeing her, she was no longer seen at the bus stop, our reporter told us that he got concerned, until another nicer neighbour told him that she had died.

We cannot blame the housing for her death, what we can do though is tell the public that they did not help the situation, for they did not once help the woman from what we hav ben told, they did not tackle her dreadful neighbour who was that bad that once the old woman had died she then started on another neighbour.

Stress kills people it is a fact, and a fact this housing group and many others do not fully understand, as for Your Housing Group they clearly have some very poor performing staff members, many do not understand or even care what it is like living next to a bad neighbour.

We heard from other residents telling us how bad Your Housing Group are, and we have seen the excuses they come out with even to other media, this is unacceptable.

The local MPs need to show some bravery and get on to this dreadful housing group once and for all and not to accept the pathetic excuses we have seen but to get bosses to actively retrain some of the idiots in that Warrington office, reopen Gilmour House and start again!

For other housing groups, the same should apply.


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