Blackberry messenger ‘BBM’ is no more after it was switched off for good

Blackberry messenger known as BBM has been switched off today (May 31st 2019)


If you have a Blackberry smartphone you will no longer be able to use the messenger app, in recent times apps like Facebook and Whatsapp were not allowed  to be downloaded on its OS.

Blackberry which once used to be a very big mobile phone business got killed off by the rise of the Apple, with other big names like Samsung and LG producing better handsets each year the competition was too much for the once Canadian giant.


Blackberry Bold smartphone: Image Cheong Long Liew 

The smartphone business was off loaded to TCL Communication who still make Blackberry handsets under licence.

BBM though will be missed by users, the team behind BBM said they did everything to make it a success, sadly it was up against Apple’s iMessage and WhatsApp, even Facebook Messenger took a bite out of BBM.

Blackberry itself is concentrating on security software.

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