Vodafone to switch on its 5G service on Monday here in Manchester

Vodafone are to switch on its 5G service here in Manchester on Monday 3rd January.


It seems Altrincham, Sale and Partington will be last to get the 5G signal.

If you have a 5G compatable handset you can try it out at the Intu Trafford Centre, Manchester United FC, Lancashire Cricket Club, all over Old Trafford and Trafford Park.

Stretford Mall has no coverage so it could be that Stretford will also have to wait which also includes anywhere around the Chill Factore, Trafford Retail Park and the rest of Urmston.

5G will give faster download speeds which will overtake home broadband, this could make firms like Virgin Media and BT cut the costs or upgrade everyone to a higher speed at no extra cost which is more likely.

EE currently has a data cap of 10GB and we are still waiting to see if Vodafone will have a cap, if they do not then EE will be forced to abandon the cap giving its customers the freedom of getting the full benefits of 5G.

O2 will be coming to Manchester next year, by this time both EE and Vodafone will have all of Trafford covered leaving O2 way behind.

5G is also a dangerous technology in the second part of the installation phase, the neworks have conned councillors, MPs, possibly doctors, Football Clubs and concert venues by telling them about the first part of 5G installation.

The first part is what we are seeing now, its nothing! no need to worry unless you live next to a phone mast! the frequency is a notch up from 4G and many 5G masts will be inside those long grey poles you see in streets and elsewhere.

They are not going to cause any harm! however what the crafty networks are not telling the councillors and others is the second part of the 5G installation which is the dangerous part.

This though will take a good few years, the networks will if they get permission from the council install tiny ariels and small masts to lampposts and buildings, and possibly if high enough on other street furniture.

These ariels and masts will use a much higher frequency and could potentially go to around 60GHz or higher depending on how much spectrum each network has bought.

Anything over 40GHz will start to heat up the skin, 60GHz will cause a human or animal to remove itself due to the heat on the skin anything over this and you will not be able to tollerate it.

The frequency will use MM waves and for it to work it needs to have many masts and to be as close to a home or business including parks as possible, and no trees or anything can be in the way of the straight lined signal.

To understand better what this signal is to say a 3g or 4G signal is easy, with 3G and 4G the signal goes from the mast into the air hits the ionesphere and then comes back to earth, once it hits the earth it bounces around and your mobile picks up that signal.

With 5G its in a straight line, focused directly at a home etc and this is the dangerous part.

The 5G signal at this time uses the same system as we have now, it will bounce of the ionesphere and falls to earth, it is simply 4G+ until the second installation happens which is expected to be next year for both EE and Vodafone.

Customers on the network 3 will see a small bit of 5G coverage in some areas of the UK although they have yet to announce when or where.


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