US president Donald Trump claims the Moon is part of Mars

US president Donald Trump has tweeted that the Moon is part of Mars whilst giving NASA a red ear in the process.

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This statement on his Twitter account got many people interested, and the conspiracy theorists a little bit confused.

One conspiracy theorist called David Icke thinks the moon is a flying saucer! he may have since retracted that statement.

A YouTube channel called ‘Secureteam’ are putting out videos of our moon, with some suggestions that something is going on.

The moon though serves a useful purpose here on the earth helping the tides of our oceans, and nature.

Has Mars got anything to do with our moon? does he know more than what NASA or anyone else has said? obviously he does know something we do not, his statement has a lot of people trying to join the dots right now.

What does this mean though? our books of knowledge will have to be re written, and Trump will need to give a more longer staement on what he knows so the dots can be matched up rather than use speculation.

Mars has been explored, some believe life was on the red planet however some event happened and life on the planet changed forever, and they went underground.

It might be a civilisation that died out maybe due to a lack of oxygen or disease, or even food and water may still be underground on Mars according to documents read, although far fetched until we investigate how do we know?

We read that our own Earth could end up like Mars in the future as we are slowly killing the planet.

For us we do not believe the Moon has any connections with Mars, and the president of the biggest country in the world needs to focus his atention on getting earth sorted out, participating in cleaning up his own country, clearing up plastic pollution and helping third world countries clean up its act.

Keeping his eye on China as they continue to pollute the world, India also needs to clean up its act for not only the earth but for its own people.




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