On July 1st 2019, Pamela A. Pedder from Yorkshire will be releasing her debut children’s book, titled ‘Moving Day’.

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After signing with Curious Cat Books—a local independent publishing company owned by E. Rachael Hardcastle—Pamela is excited to see her characters finally come to life. ‘I’ll be 69 in October and never thought I would see the book published,’ she says.

Not only does Pamela want to encourage her community and others to respect and care for insects like those in her story, but she also hopes to inspire others like her not to let Dyslexia prevent them from achieving their dreams.

With Rachael’s help and experience as a bestselling author and independent publisher, Pamela has created her first ever paperback (for children aged 3-5 years) called ‘Moving Day’, illustrated by her son, Mark Edwards.

The book tells a lovely story of friendship, responsibility and courage as honey-loving Berty Bee struggles to pay his rent.

‘Moving Day’ will be making its debut appearance at Bradford Indie Literature Festival with the publisher on July 27th 2019 and you will be able to buy the new book at the Intu Trafford Centre on July 1st where signed copies will be on sale at just £6.99.

In the meantime, ‘Moving Day’ is now available for pre-order.

For more information about the author, the book and any upcoming events, please visit
www.erachaelhardcastle.com or follow Curious Cat Books at www.facebook.com/erachaelhardcastle