Partington’s crime rate remains low despite a violent month in April

Partington’s crime rate remains low despite a very high rate of violence and sexual offences in April.


Partington Clock: image Darren Marsden

April saw 30 reports of violence and sexual offences with Devon Road and Cheshire Road being the worst roads in that month.

Overall the estate managed to get a crime score of 84, although Violence and sexual offences were at an all-time high, antisocial behaviour was way down with only a handful of reports being made which is good news.

Not many issues either at the shopping centre with only 3 reports of anti-social behaviour and a couple of public order offences recorded.

Crime is down by a big margin, April 2018 saw 102 reported crimes in Partington, remembering though these statistics are for recorded crimes, the true picture could be much worse.

We know about some serious crimes in the area, having asked for more information we get nothing from Greater Manchester Police, some crimes are reported by police on social media and they have rightly been slated for a lack of information when all that they needed to do is offer a log number for the offences they have reported.


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