Serious incident after a Jet 2 aircraft from Manchester skids down the runway at Tenerife Airport

A Jet 2 Airbus aircraft from Manchester landed at Tenerife with several wheels locked and two flat tyres.

Screenshot 2019-07-09 at 10.10.17 PM

Jet 2 Airbus popped tyres: Image Tenerife Airort

The Airbus A330 had 312 passengers and 11 crew on board.

We are aware the incident happened on June 27th on Tenerif’s runway 07 and as a result  of the aircraft skidding several passengers needed treatment.

The stranded aircraft caused chaos at the airport as flights due to land had to be kept in a holding pattern around Tenerife Airport until the stricken aircraft could be towed to a stand.

On July 9th the Spanish Air investigation team said that the pilot touched down in as soft a way as possible, on doing so this increased the pressure of the gear to 2500psi and so locked several wheels which is why the Airbus skidded on the runway.

After checking out the aircraft using the latest technology, everything was functioning fine sothey  put the issues down to abnormal behaviour of the BSCU (brakes and steering control unit)

The two tyres that blew up did not stay on the wheels and damage was caused, we have seen aircraft catch fire from an incident like this, someone was looking down on these passengers and crew on this day.

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